Based on a pale lager, infused with Cayenne and Birdseye chilli peppers. This is an experimental recipe, drink at your own risk! (or not, pansy)

  • Extract: Coopers Mexican Cerveza
  • Fermentables: 1kg Brewcraft #15 Brew Enhancer
  • Adjuncts: 12 Cayenne peppers (boiled with sugars for 20 mins before pitching yeast), 6 Birdseye peppers (chopped, soaked in tequila for 7 days, then added to secondary fermenter), 700ml ‘Tequila 125’ (added to secondary fermenter with the Birdseye chillis)
  • Yeast: Saflager s23
  • Final Volume: 18L
  • Yeast Pitched: 03/09/2011
  • Racked to Secondary: 17/09/2011
  • Bottled: 18/09/2011 (25 bottles had whole tequila soaked Birdseye chilli added)
  • Specific Gravity: 1044 – 1009 (5.06% Alc/Vol before adding Vodka, 7.2% after)

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