A dry refreshing blend of Jeffbrew apple cider, spiced rum, and a splash of vodka. Enjoy with your friends, or alone like a scurvy dog. Matey.

  • Extract: Black Rock Cider
  • Fermentables: Brewcraft #15 Brew Enhancer
  • Adjuncts: 500g Lactose (added when yeast is pitched), Apple Schnapps, 350ml vodka, 350ml Captain Morgan Black Label (all added 6 days before bottling)
  • Yeast: Black Rock kit yeast
  • Final Volume: 21L
  • Yeast Pitched: 25/09/2011
  • Bottled: 11/10/2011
  • Specific Gravity: 1055 – 1008 (7.5% Alc/Vol after spirits added)

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