Adelaide’s Soundwave schedule was recently released, so I’ve formatted in a way that makes it easy to view any clashes that may occur between bands.

Soundwave 2012 Adelaide – XLS format (for editing / hi-lighting etc)

Soundwave 2012 Adelaide – PDF format (for printing the document as is)

2 thoughts on “Soundwave 2012: Adelaide – Day Planner

  1. I’ve put together a little Adelaide Soundwave Planner webapp for iPhone/Android (anything that supports web browsing really) which might be useful if you’re not into printing paper <– can find it here.

    p.s. wish I had your spreadsheets before I entered in all the set times!

    1. This is awesome. I haven’t really spent much time developing any webapps, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to learn before the actual Soundwave event anyway.

      Cheers for the link!

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